Despite successful a lawsuit in 3 years ago, a former wife has not been capable of stop her ex partner from launching a videotape. In fact , the legal wrangling with her ex-husband moved on for six years.

The video was released to the information by rapper Suge Dark night. The hiphop mogul claimed to have L. Lo’s sex tape. Nevertheless , only 21 years old hours of footage had been recovered.

The videotape allegedly contains several revealing scenes. Lopez’s ex-husband’s manager said there was about 15-20 moments of nudity. It also has a fight between Lopez and her mother.

Lopez was obviously a bit shocked to learn that her ex-husband’s business partner had plans to release a movie, named the Can certainly make money Married Jennifer Lopez. The videotape also apparently contains a handful of other sexy moments.

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It has been top quality as the “sex tape” by the media. Yet , if unveiled, seeking arrangement complaints the video would only be embarrassing designed for Lopez. The expert tape of all of her intimate movies is within a central depository.

In fact , Ojani Noa’s business partner, Education Mayer, says that there is the best loophole that will enable the video footage to be unveiled to the consumer. The adhesive tape will be available on a streaming system.

In the video, Noa’s ex-wife was apparently flashing her private parts. The videotape also allegedly contains a few salacious photos, including a deal with between her and her mother.

Finally, Ojani Noa and his business partner could actually get a pay out for about USD$545, 000. Nevertheless , they will in all probability never get the sex record to the general public.

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